All roads lead to Glasgow as John Kerry and Alok Sharma share plans for COP26

The UK President of COP 26 Alok Sharma has held his first official meeting with US climate envoy John Kerry following America’s transition of government.

They discussed the ‘road to Glasgow’ just hours after US President Joe Biden re-committed the States to the terms of the Paris Agreement.

The hope is now Scotland can deliver a new accord, through the Glasgow Agreement.

In a Tweet, @AlokSharma_RDG said: “Great to speak with US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate @JohnKerry about the UK’s plans for #COP26

In an official readout of the meeting issued later, the UK Government said Mr Sharma had congratulated Secretary Kerry on bringing the US back to the Paris Agreement yesterday, noting the great importance of the accord being fully universal again.

The statement said: “They agreed that there is no time to waste on tackling climate change. They noted that our two countries are once again tightly aligned in prioritising this shared challenge and will work together to raise global efforts ahead of COP26 in November.

“Mr Sharma said that, as hosts of COP26, the UK had sent a clear message to the world in setting an ambitious new Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in December and that he looked forward to seeing the US’s own ambitious NDC in the coming months.

“Mr Sharma and Secretary Kerry agreed on the particular importance of international climate finance, and for both the UK and the US to work closely with countries who are especially vulnerable to climate change. They also noted the encouraging growth in the shift to renewable energy across the world.

“The pair agreed that their respective officials should work together closely. They looked forward to speaking regularly in the run up to G7 and COP26, and to meeting in person at the soonest possibility.”

Just a few hours earlier Mr Kerry express his relief at rejoining the Paris Agreement having committed the US to it in the first place.

He said: “Today, @POTUS rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, restoring America’s credibility and commitment — setting a floor, not a ceiling, for our climate leadership. Working together, the world must and will raise ambition.

“It’s time to get to work – the road to Glasgow begins here.”

In a final Tweet from his personal account before taking up the user name @ClimateEnvoy, he added: “I hope you’ll follow me there and join me on the road to Glasgow.”

News updates supplied by Planet Scotland | Climate focused journalism
News updates supplied by Planet Scotland | Climate focused journalism

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